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Voile fabric: a transparent dream

Light like a breeze and elegant like a veil: Voile fabric is a particularly beautiful fabric that has a transparent optic due to a fine threaded texture. And the translation of voile actually means veil. Voile fabric is mainly made of high quality cotton. The Eugster + Huber collection produces Voile Fabric from finest sewing cotton. This special cotton consists of several tightly twisted threads and is therefore much more tear-resistant than other threads. Voile Fabric is thus from a very high quality and the twisted threads grant lightness and elegance at the same time.

Voile Fabric and the different possibilities of usage
Voile Fabric is still of prime importance in textile manufacturing. The most charming dresses and the most flattering blouses are created with this ultra-fine fabric. These pieces of clothing appear even more feminine by using Voile Fabric with its elegant optic. The Eugster + Huber collection also offers fashion for children and Voile Fabric has its own place in this area. It is used at baptisms, communions and also for summer dresses. Voile Fabric adds a breeze of freshness and with its wearing comfort it conveys a pleasant sense of well-being especially in summer and at high temperatures.

Lighter than summer air: Voile Fabric
The light Voile Fabric can be draped beautifully and it goes with a lot of different looks. It is made of finest sewing cotton so that Voile Fabric always gives the impression of a casual but still a classy and elegant look. Gorgeous colour combinations, for example in different pastel shades or deep lumnious colours, will give a remarkable extravagance to the Voile Fabric. They allow individual possibilities of how to combine this beautiful fabric and they leave a lot of free space for the creation. Voile Fabric – so light and breezy – makes you feel the summer in the air!

Eugster + Huber – specialized in Voile Fabric.

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