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Eugster + Huber Textil AG

Textile Fabrics: Discover the numerous faces

Choose the very best textile fabrics to allow your personality to shine through in your wardrobe and in your home. Perfectly suited to individual tastes in creative design, this beautiful range of fabrics is versatile and timelessly chic. Whether you require dramatic glamour or understated elegance, these top quality cottons, jacquards and plumetis lend themselves easily to the artistry of the craftsman. Benefit from the classic good looks of high grade fabrics when creating for yourself or for your home.

Let Textile Fabrics Transform Your Space
The same qualities which make voiles, batiste's jacquards and organdies the first choice for luxury clothing also make them the perfect choice for the home. Premier grade cottons are particularly suited to bedding, and luxury soft furnishings such as curtains and cushion covers which will be an asset in any part of your home. Highly adaptable textile fabrics allow innovative and creative cutting, folding and sewing to create unique and stylish pieces. Ring the changes with fabrics which not only look crisp and fresh but feel sleek and smooth to the touch. Add texture and interest by choosing embroidered materials or jacquard. For an exciting take on classic style let the many faces of these highly versatile fabrics transform your space.

Beautiful Fabrics from
Eugster Huber excel in elegant Swiss cotton and luxury textile fabrics, and with a reputation for excellence you can be assured of superior quality and attention to detail throughout this exclusive range. Bring an element of sophisticated style to your home with textile fabrics from Produced to the very highest standards from exceptional raw cotton which has been specifically sourced, this outstanding range of magnificent fabrics is the ideal way to make your home as unique and original as you are. You'll be able to relax and enjoy the height of luxury every day with perfectly chosen textile fabrics for your home.
Luxury textile fabrics look effortlessly beautiful and give outstanding pleasure. Let these gorgeous fabrics enhance your living space. Be tempted and inspired by this magnificent range at

Eugster + Huber – specialized in textile fabrics.

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