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Eugster + Huber Textil AG

Swiss Fabrics: Discover a Wonderful World

Transform your look with the cool perfection of Swiss fabrics. Created with sophistication and elegance in mind, these perfect fabrics are also environmentally sound. Made with care for those who care.
Cotton brings to mind a purity and freshness which appeals to those who prefer quality and timeless elegance. Swiss fabrics are created from some of the most ethically sourced raw materials from Egypt and the USA. Woven from extra long staple cotton, the superior quality is readily apparent, and is part of the whole concept of these beautiful fabrics. To choose Swiss fabrics is to make an investment in sheer luxury which will stand the test of time. Some of the finest manufacturing methods are employed to bring you the most wonderful plumetis, pleating and jacquards. Perfect for day or evening wear, Swiss fabrics are sure to give the wearer an air of confidence and sophistication, a real plus in today's busy world.

Swiss Fabrics Bring A New Edge to Classic Design
At you'll find exclusive Swiss fabrics for any occasion. A favourite with fashion designers throughout Europe, these cool, chic cottons are the number one choice when exceptional attention to detail is called for. Take a look at some of the beautifully precise pleating, or the shimmering, light reflective qualities of the jacquard collection and imagine how you could define your personal style with Swiss fabrics. Cotton has always had many qualities which set it apart from other fabrics, including crispness, clarity and a flexible feel which allows it to be used for some of the very best designs and cuts. And, it's not only clothing which can be created from Swiss fabrics. These excellent, superior cottons are a wonderful addition to the home. From soft furnishings to some of the best home accessories, the unique nature of Swiss fabrics will inspire and give pleasure.
For some of the most beautiful Swiss fabrics, take a look at You'll find some of the highlights of this exceptional range, guaranteed to bring luxurious quality into your life.

Eugster + Huber – specialized in Swiss fabrics.

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