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Eugster + Huber Textil AG

Swiss Cotton: Superior Quality and Finish

Choosing cool, crisp, luxurious Swiss Cotton is an investment in quality. This fresh, beautiful fabric is manufactured to the highest standards to give lasting elegance and style.
The name Swiss Cotton is synonymous with quality. Manufactured using the very best cotton grown in the USA or Egypt, Swiss Cotton uses extra long fibres from ELS or extra long staples cotton to produce fabrics of the highest standard. The ultimate in everyday luxury, Swiss Cotton is valued for its freshness and elegance, and is wonderfully cool and crisp to the touch. Transform your look with some of the most stylish shirts and blouses made from Swiss Cotton, several of which can be seen at

Timeless Classics in Swiss Cotton
Swiss Cotton is the perfect choice when it comes to the very best in evening shirts or blouses. At you can see some of the exceptional evening shirts made from Swiss Cotton and featuring pleating and other finishes which make them stand out from the crowd. Also featured are blouses, the epitome of good design, classically cut to enhance the figure, and which give the wearer a sense of confidence and freshness in any setting.

An Excellent Choice Every Time
Choosing to wear Swiss Cotton is to make a statement. It conveys style, good taste and a love for the finer things in life. Whether you choose a beautifully cut shirt, or a perfectly styled Swiss Cotton blouse, you'll be certain to feel cool and comfortable in this wonderful, superior quality fabric. Swiss Cotton is always the right choice, whether for day or evening wear, its effortless good looks and freshness allow you to feel cool and relaxed. At you'll find some of the most elegant cuts, finishes and embellishments which really highlight the versatility of Swiss Cotton to perfection.
Swiss Cotton is an exclusive and wearable fabric, guaranteed to make the wearer feel special anywhere.

Eugster + Huber – specialized in Swiss cotton.

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