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Smoking Cotton: What it is and what it’s famous for

The unparalleled luxury of a great fabric is just one of the many advantages of smoking cotton. Stand out from the crowd in one of the most versatile and beautiful fabrics known to man.

What is Smoking Cotton
Smoking cotton is a high grade fabric, manufactured using only the very best raw materials from the USA and Egypt. It's unique in that it is woven from the finest extra long staple cotton, a thread so special that it accounts for only 3% of the world's cotton. Smoking cotton can be used for a variety of garments, but custom made and beautifully designed evening shirts and blouses are among the most perfect. A magnificent evening shirt made from the very highest quality smoking cotton is an investment in style and panache. A designer blouse, beautifully cut and finished, is one of the most stylish ways to show off the many advantages of smoking cotton. Smooth and sleek, it's manufactured using the stringent quality control guidelines that all Swiss cotton is known for, and its refined good looks will always get you noticed.

Choosing The Very Best Smoking Cotton
At last there's a fabric which is as versatile as it's luxurious. Smoking cotton has the elegance and sophistication which is paramount in high quality garments, and some excellent examples can be seen at Their many years of experience in producing some of the world's finest fabrics really stand out. Choose smoking cotton to give your shirts and blouses that extra edge. Guaranteed to be one of the smoothest, most comfortable fabrics you'll ever wear, it retains its elegance and freshness even after several hours of wear. are uniquely placed to bring you some of the classic Swiss cottons which are known for their overall excellence, and smoking cotton is one of the most highly revered.
When nothing but the very best will do, treat yourself well and choose smoking cotton for all of your most stylish garments.

Eugster + Huber – specialized in smoking cotton.

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