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Plumetis: Revel in the Pleasure that Plumetis Brings

Choosing a luxury fabric such as Plumetis is to choose one of the most luxurious and elegant fabrics in the world.

Fresh, Flawless Plumetis
Plumetis is woven from the highest quality cotton, using long threads to give a smooth and flawless finish upon which the delicate embroidered pattern is laid. This magical fabric is a real show stopper and only the very best cotton from Egypt and the USA is used in its creation. Elegant, yet with a light, fresh feel, Plumetis is a real joy to wear.

How Plumetis Can Be Used to Best Effect
Plumetis is a timeless and sophisticated fabric, shown to its best advantage in some of the beautiful evening shirts and blouses which can be found at Its youthful embroidered finish is highlighted when chosen for designer garments, and it is the embodiment of verve and purity. A truly stunning fabric, Plumetis can be styled easily to create outstanding day or evening wear.

Plumetis, a New Approach to Luxury Fabric
Selecting a luxurious and eye catching fabric such as Plumetis is to make a real style statement. Its fresh, contemporary look is perfect for a variety of sophisticated or casual styles. Let Plumetis inspire you to bring a whole new facet to your look. At some of the very best Plumetis is shown to great advantage. See how this exceptional cotton material can transform and update any sophisticated outfit.

Versatile and Chic, Plumetis is Perfect in Any Setting
The cool, chic appearance of Plumetis makes it a favourite for exclusive, superior quality evening wear, such as the truly perfect blouses and shirts at It's also an ideal choice for nightwear and other accessories. The sumptuous embroidered pattern of Plumetis has a timeless quality that's hard to match. A real treasure, it lends itself to a vast range of styles and is ideal for all ages. Choose Plumetis when nothing but the very best will do.

Eugster + Huber – specialized in Plumetis.

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