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Jacquard Fabric: Choose Originality and Style

Beautifully created jacquard fabric adds an extra dimension to garments and materials which is beyond compare. Light reflective and unique, it's the perfect way to express originality.

What Makes Jacquard Fabric so Special
Jacquard fabric is a heavy cotton with threads woven into various patterns, creating a wonderful finish which shimmers and catches the light as you move. Most fabrics use a variation on a check, but other designs are just as effective. The choices are endless, and jacquard fabric is one of the most luxurious and stylish ways to make a statement.

Jacquard Fabric is Perfect for any Occasion
Jacquard fabric, such as this beautiful example at is perfect for any occasion. Evening shirts and blouses in particular really stand out when tailored from this chic material. Its light reflecting properties add an extra dimension, giving a stylish, classic elegance that is as incomparable as it is timeless. Ideal for those occasions when only the best will do, its cool crisp good looks are the epitome of good taste.

When Only The Very Best Will Do
It isn't only shirts and blouses which stand out when made from jacquard fabric. This versatile material adds a crisp, fresh edge to classic and contemporary furnishings and is a sumptuous choice for bedding and other accessories. However, its elegance and class is shown to best advantage when worn, and some of the beautiful garments, like those to be found at are testament to the enduring favour that jacquard fabric enjoys with fashion forward wearers everywhere.

Jacquard Fabric Adds a Touch of Luxury
Bring a touch of luxury to your life with Jacquard fabric. An investment in elegance that is sure to bring many hours of pleasure to the wearer, this gleaming, light infused material is the last word in quality and beauty. Choose from some of the exclusive and beautiful jacquard fabric available at and experience this superb material for yourself.

Eugster + Huber – specialized in Jacquard fabrics.

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