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Cotton Fabrics: A history of luxury

The luxury of cotton fabrics has bewitched mankind for thousands of years. This amazing plant has been cultivated since the dawn of civilization. Indeed, fragments of cotton fabrics have been found in Asia that are 7,000 years old. Part of the global popularity of cotton fabrics is due to the fact that the native cotton plant is found across the world. It thrives in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia but its versatility is also an important factor in its continued use.

Extra long staple cotton fabrics
This versatility has seen cotton fabrics being used in everything from bedding and furnishings to tough jeans and t-shirts. At Eugster + Huber however, we focus unashamedly on the very best and most luxurious cottons. We have been working with fine cotton fabrics since 1800 and we use mostly extra long staple cotton, which is necessary to create the very best fabrics. This cotton is much rarer than the standard variety and accounts for less than 10% of world production. Then, using this luxurious material and more than 100 years of Swiss expertise, we create some of the finest cotton fabrics in the world.

A trusted partner in cotton fabrics
Choosing a supplier of cotton fabrics is just as important as choosing the best raw materials. We at Eugster + Huber believe only the best products are good enough for our clients and a quick glance at the references section of our web site will show you that some of the greatest names in fashion share our vision. We are proud that our collection of batiste, marcella, organdy, plumetis, jacquards and piqués cotton fabrics are specified by such demanding brands. If you too share our vision then join us in bringing out the best in this wonderful fabric. Let these fine cotton fabrics breathe life into your designs.

Eugster + Huber – specialized in cotton fabrics.

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