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Batist: A precious fabric for exclusive styles

Quality and creativity in fabric- and fashion design – this is what has been characterising the Swiss Classics of the Eugster + Huber collection since 1860. Among other things, this collection includes the high quality fabric Batist. With or without embroidery, Batist is a class of its own and is for example used for noble shirts, blouses and dresses.

Fine threaded elegance – the manufacturing of Batist
Batist is made out of highest quality threads and is weaved in a so called linen weave. Linen weaving is characterised by a special technique of weaving which comes with a high grade of strenght. The compatct and light Batist is also very often called Cambric.

Swiss Batist – a classic
The Swiss Batist of the Eugster + Huber collection consists of the most finespun, high graded and extra-long stapled cotton (ELS). 100% made in Switzerland. The extraordinary long threads of this cotton are of the best quality and have first-class processing properties. Compared to average cotton qualities, the threads of Batist are up to 40% more hard-wearing. The finespun fibers are an important requirement for a noble looking and a soft and smooth grip.

Long-lasting and noble with a „feel good factor“ – the attribute of the Batist fabric
The non-slip and solid Batist fabric stands out due to its fine appearance and an extremely high wearing comfort on the skin and it also guarantees persistence and wash resistance. In addition to this, Batist is very easy to bleach, colour and print without any big effort. This attribute grants Batists a high variety in its different possibilities of usage. The elegant fabric can also be made transparent in a special procedure using acid. Like this it will get a stiff grip and it will turn into a transparent and shiny fabric – also called Organdy.

Uncomplicated and multifaceted in use
Batist is mostly used for fabricating shirts, blouses and dresses and it is generally sold in big rolls of fabric or by meter. Depending on the type and pattern, you can create extraordinary fashion creations with this light and comfortable to wear fabric.

Eugster + Huber – specialized in Batist

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